Our Bodyguard & Executive Protection Servicess

Empire Protective Services provides private body guard services to individuals within the public and private sectors, including celebrities, luxury lifestyle individuals, executives, and government officials. We understand the need for high level protection in today’s dangerous and high risk society, which is why we make it our job to ensure that our clients are provided with the most highly trained professionals.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a completely “safe” location. Incidents can and do occur anywhere. Attacks on the safety and welfare of individuals or entire families occur every single day. To prevent this, Empire Protective Services provides experienced body guards.

We Offer All Types of Bodyguard Services

These body guards are specially trained for their responsibilities, and often include former military, law enforcement, and government personnel. Whether you need a team of body guards or an individual body guard, Empire Protective Services has you covered. Our private body guard services also include:

Family Protection

Travel Protection

Specialists in High-Risk Zones

Emergency Coordination

Sweep Detection Services

Transport Protection


Tour Planning

Private Investigation

Intelligence Gathering

Crisis Management

While every client has different specific needs, at Empire Protective Services we understand that every all needs are dependent on the quality and planning of the security management team. We do everything in our power to plan for every possible outcome while making sure that the client feels safe and comfortable; in doing so we minimize the client’s exposure to risk without invading their personal space.

If you’d like to inquire more about Empire Protective Services’ private body guards, or any of our other security services, please call us now at

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You will be treated in a confidential and professional manner.

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