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Empire Protection Services provides custom-tailored security solutions to clients within the private and public sectors. We are committed to ensuring that all of our clients feel safe and secure in any environment. Our team is highly experienced and motivated by a desire to provide the best quality and service within the protective services industry. We pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence and make the extra effort to build strong and long-lasting relationships with each one of our clients. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, so we make sure our clients’ security needs are always well taken care of.

“Thank you so much for all the hard work that you guys put in for our investigation. It means the world to us! Gary and I really appreciate how professional and proactive your company has been throughout this entire process! It’s been a pleasure working with you!!”
Gary & Sandra

At Empire Protective Services we understand that the safety of your business and its employees is paramount. We provide peace-of-mind security solutions that are tailored to your particular needs. Our services are designed to protect the personal safety of your employees and visitors, while protecting the contents of your business. We can provide both armed and unarmed security officers, trained and certified to guard your business in a non-disruptive manner. Every member of our staff is thoroughly experienced, tested, and professional to ensure quality service.

Your outstanding security services has helped our event nights become less stressful. Now that we have an experienced security company working by our side we feel more secure. Thanks again guys!
Nightly Events & Shows

Empire Protective Services also maintains a convenient office base, which provides clients with easy access to billing, upper management, or anything else they may need. When it comes to security services, it’s nice to know that Empire Protective Services is always available to take care of your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about the type of security protection services we offer, please give us a call at (754) 246-1387.

Empire Protective commits to providing our clients with the highest level of service available in the industry, and we apply the most advanced technologies and logistical processes to our operations. We take pride in providing our clients with quality and professional service at reasonable and competitive rates.
Ronen Cohen
President and Chief Executive Officer

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If you’d like to inquire more about our services please call us now for immediate assistance. You will be treated in a confidential and professional manner. All information discussed over the phone or through email will stay private, guaranteed.

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