Our Private Investigation Servicess

Empire Protective Services offers professional private investigation services. Our private investigators are highly trained and licensed individuals who understand the need for confidentiality and discretion. We provide an extensive variety of services for all types of legal private investigations.

From pre-employment background investigations to legal investigations, Empire Protective Services offers a wide range of investigatory services. Unfortunately, there are many people willing to lie or cheat their way through the world. A private investigator helps individuals and companies learn the truth before it’s too late.  The job of the private investigator is to uncover facts and unearth information.

We Offer All Types of
Private Investigation

Some of the investigatory services provided by Empire Protective Services include:

Polygraph Examinations

Background Checks

Driver’s License Search

Missing Persons


Video Surveillance

Insurance Fraud

Worker’s Compensation
Disability Insurance

Legal Investigations

Identity Theft

If you’re interested in meeting with a private investigator or you’d like to learn more about the private investigation services offered by Empire Protective Services, please give us a call at (754) 246-1387. Your call will be handled in a professional and confidential manner.

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